IDT Corp. beats a Ransomware attack – how did it happen when they thought they were secure?   They had prepared themselves for attacks and believed they had a well thought out security plan.  

It only takes one error or loophole and that's exactly what the ransomware attackers found.  In fact, it seems that the contractor may  have been specifically targeted because of the value of the project she was working on.  Of course ransomware attackers are devious but to locate a third party contractor and know the value of her projects are what made it attractive to them.  The ransomware attackers had all they needed to attempt to infiltrate IDT Corp yet a smart and savvy defense by IDT corp saved their business from serious consequences.  One upside to the initial attack is that by being attacked by ransomware before Wannacry occurred it helped IDT Corp be more prepared for Wannacry and not suffer any issues.