An interesting read on Forbes, but we believe SMEs go beyond the role of consultative selling or 'rainmakers'... They provide the opinion and knowledge that shape solutions, customer success and the technology industry as a whole.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are the people that keep our clients at the forefront of IT and business management. 

With leading minds in Cyber Security, Resilience, Transformation, BC and DR and many other areas of IT excellence, Sungard AS SMEs are the life blood of this industry, helping to educate customers and innovate their IT and business teams.

To celebrate this, and give you more access to experts, we will be publishing a series of opinions and comment from the company SMEs, offering authentic views on what shapes this ever-moving industry, and how to stay ahead of technology and business demands.

We welcome the opportunity to promote word and opinion from all of the team, especially this collection of subject matter experts. You can take advantage of seeing what they have to say, it may not always toe the corporate line, but it will be sincere.

Please also look out for round ups of news stories affecting our industries, companies and departments. This is where an SME opinion can help you decide what's worth reading.

Thanks for your time, enjoy what's coming on Inigsht from Sungard AS.


If you'd like to talk to a Sungard AS SME, regarding any of the above IT and business challenges, simply email for a quick introduction into the SME world, and how you can take value from their time.

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