This is fascinating research on thought leadership content, and how B2B buyers (especially those making technology decisions) are drowning in the quagmire of marketing message, but could be saved by authentic thought leadership lifelines.

Edelman and LinkedIn have researched thought leadership success, calling-out relevance, insights, trust, digestible and current opinions as critical to maintaining admiration and respect of the reader.

So, sharing or adding to authentic (and short) opinion is the fastest way to create value and be respected by your peers and audience. Proving that buyers need expertise that comes from deep within companies customer success teams, the consultants and sales people that have authentic opinions, without the glitz and glamour of marketing perfection and design.

Give and share. It's a simple agenda to help.

Building trust within the audience requires offering value without asking for anything in return. Taking the expert opinions of the key people within a company, whether that's the leadership team, subject matter experts or sales people, is the single most effective method in building credibility, raising the profile of your organisation, getting RFP invites (because you're actually relevant and technology buyers can see it) and helping the audience with value, not just sales-led proposition work.

If you're reading this as a technology decision maker, please look out for a series of subject matter opinions here on Insights from Sungard AS, a collection of experts and authors that have much to say. SMEs are the life-blood of our organization, and are happy to help if you're a valued customer or not.

If you're reading this as a marketer, sales or business person, please help share thought leadership direct from the people that count, the professionals within your company that help us all learn.