With 75% of businesses surveyed by 451 Research saying they would pay more for better uptime than choosing a cheaper option, has cloud finally moved past the nervousness of security concerns (often unfounded concerns compared to the current state of many an IT infrastructure). Has the adoption of cloud matured to the point where it is firmly part of the core infrastructure that supports mission critical systems? I think this is an obvious "yes", but a worry is that so many organisations have failed to consider the high availability demands when running headlong into a cloud utilisation model.

Of course not all out there have been so foolhardy but from numerous studies the fact is that cloud has been "experimented" with and most  organisations will have multiple "clouds" acquired through this experimentation.

That creates an interesting situation of having built a scenario typically only assigned to a legacy infrastructure, where interoperability and true hybrid IT proves problematic (or virtually impossible). But it's been created in a matter of years by multi-sourcing of clouds and uncontrolled purchasing of "credit-card-cloud" by your dev team and innovation centers.

All of which presumably has led to the realisation that if you have mission critical systems you better make sure that they stay up...all the time!