Now that the hype around Cloud computing as a nirvana is subsiding, the reality of Hybrid IT has emerged. The idea of going "all in" to cloud infrastructures simply hasn't happened. Organizations are not decommissioning all their legacy platforms to move into cloud, particularly when they are mission critical and work well as they are. Cloud environments offer many advantages over traditional physical environments but only when the workloads being run in them suit or demand that agile environment. This means the organization needs to balance the need to manage both Agile and Traditional ways of working with the CIO supporting them with the right platforms to enable both modes. 

But how do you do this with an already stretched IT function? How do you overcome the challenges of operating in two modes? Interestingly, maintaining legacy skills is a challenge in its own right as new staff are well versed in agile platforms but not in traditional. Similarly, they are proficient in concepts like "fail fast and move on", but do they have the governance skills to deliver robust applications for mission critical workloads?  New research shows manufacturers are leading the way in driving a bimodal approach to managing their IT.