Automation is becoming a powerful and effective component of cybersecurity incident response to combat the onslaught of incoming threats.; it leads to increased efficiency, fewer errors and better decision making.

However, automation is just one element in the fight to help mitigate against the ever growing threats. 

With all the ransomware and data breaches we hear in the news, it is great that cybersecurity is becoming more of an everyday conversation at the board level. However, in my experience I am still finding businesses only requesting the bare minimum; such as intrusion detection, firewalls and log and threat management.

With the rise in complexity and sophistication, a ‘defense in depth’ still needs to be implemented alongside tools such as automation. The basics cannot be overlooked and deploying core ‘defense in depth’ solutions remain the crucial foundation to an organisation's security strategy.

Businesses not only need to talk at the board level regarding security, but to also prioritise it, and invest it in properly.