Colocation is the glue of legacy and modern IT environments. As our world depends more and more on digital platforms, business are challenged to innovate their processes, competencies, and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies. This has created the need for flexible, scalable, and more agile IT environments to keep up with the demands of the market - meaning modern IT environments such as cloud. Although new technologies are being utilized, legacy technologies still need to be maintained.  Companies are increasingly outsourcing their on premise colocation environments or non-critical workloads to third party providers. Organizations want to focus resources on what will innovate the business and avoid costly data center build requiring time, capital expenses, and maintenance.  This is especially true as new applications and data footprints become increasingly uncertain.

Data center decisions are no longer infrastructure or technology focused, rather they are business outcome focused.  Infrastructure and Operation teams need to work with business unit leads and application developers as applications are driving the business. As newer technologies are leveraged as cloud and outsourcing continues, IT ecosystems are becoming increasingly complex and dispersed leading to hybrid environments requiring inter-connectivity among locations and IT environments (cloud, on premise sites, and more). This complexity extends to not only production, but also makes recovering the business more difficult.