While we’re past the close of FEMA’s 2017 National Preparedness Month, the promotion of planning ahead should not just be a reminder in the month of September. Preparedness should be a key theme of your business continuity program and overall organizational strategy.

So how can you continue championing preparedness and business continuity planning throughout the year? Here are a few ideas:

1. Keep Testing

Testing is a key part of business continuity planning as during these exercises you’re likely to find what steps, processes or assets you may have missed protecting. Keep conducting safety drills and testing plans for various scenarios. 

2. Conduct Training

Frequent training across your enterprise can drive engagement and maintain organizational safety and security. Your training can be formal and supported by an official credentialing body or smaller lunch and learns events. 

3. Share Reporting & Analytics  

Sharing applicable reports and analytics with executives and senior management helps you continuously champion the high-level vision and values of business continuity and your progress towards success metrics and goals.

4. Enhance Your Business Continuity Management

You can improve and optimize your planning by utilizing a business continuity software to streamline your incident management.

Don’t stop sharing the value and impact of business continuity for your organization. 

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