2017 has definitely been the year where cloud moved from experimentation to mainstream. But migrating applications can be difficult, especially when they were not designed for a cloud platform. Many organisations have failed to realise the promised benefits of cloud platforms with some even migrating applications back out into private hosted infrastructure where they have increased control and security. Whereas others are turning to experts to help them navigate the complex subject of which applications to migrate where and what to do next. 

But how do you know which managed service provider is most suited to your needs? The article below give some great initial pointers, from access to a range of platforms, to managing performance or cost in your chosen cloud destinations. Security, data protection and compliance are rising rapidly up the agenda with high profile cyber breaches hitting the headlines. Or maybe your main driver is to have someone come in and identify what your existing IT estate actually looks like, what is cloud ready and where you can actually capitalise on investing in cloud migration. 

When looking at what to do with existing applications our consultants and design teams help customers decide what to do against 6 main criteria:  Retain, Retire, Re-Host, Re-Platform, Re-Engineer or Replace. Each of these options are measured against risk, cost benefit and strategic impact and in many cases form part of a two step approach to digital transformation. But this only addresses the discovery and mapping stage. Following this we help construct the optimum mix of infrastructure; migrate workloads in a risk mitigated manner and integrate technical security with policy, process and resilient  approach to running the new environment.