We know emergency notifications offer real value to any organization. You know this too—that’s why you dedicated time and resources towards an emergency notification management system.

You’ve done the hard work initially setting up your system and are now reaping the benefits of notifying your contacts on any device at any time, counting on 100% uptime guarantee and sending thousands of voice and text alerts within minutes. 

It’s clear your organization has already taken a major step to improve your emergency response communications. But, are you using your emergency response system to its full capacity? Would the health of your system be considered strong? Even the best incident management procedures have room for improvement and optimization. Here are 5 signs it may be time to check the health of your emergency alert system:

1. You Question if You’re Really Prepared for Recent Incidents Covered in the News

2. You’re Not Using All Your System’s Features

3. There Has Been Turnover or Business Changes at Your Organization

4. There is a Lack of Usage and Engagement with Your System  

 5. You Have Extra Budget Dollars Left Over

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