The recent string of cyber hacks, the influx of natural disasters and terrorist attacks are causing CEOs to take notice. It's up to business continuity professionals to communicate solutions for preventing and mitigating these threats.

Here are a few questions CEOs ask and how business continuity managers should answer:

Q: What are the business impacts of cyber risks to our company?

A: Some of the major impacts would result in regulatory fines, damaged brand reputation, attorney fees and litigation, loss of revenue, insurance premium increases, loss of intellectual property.

Q: What is our plan to address identified risks? How often is it tested?

A: Our company has a comprehensive business continuity plans in place that are evaluated and tested several times throughout the year. In addition to having plans in place, we utilize an agile, business continuity software.

 Q: What teams are involved in our incident management planning?

A:  All departments in our organization have been involved in our planning by identifying potential gaps, threats and impacts we need to account for.   

Q: How are our employees trained to avoid or escalate cyber incidents?

A: All employees play an important role in ensuring that all work-related information stays safe and secure. We’ve conducted several trainings and communicated to all employees in a variety of formats.