Let’s face it. Business continuity professionals have an all too common problem to overcome with regards to effective incident management: it’s disconnected.

Many incident management teams struggle to manage:

  1. Disconnected data from standalone applications
  2. Disconnected, dispersed and ineffective recovery efforts
  3. Disconnected, outdated and cumbersome plans
  4. Disconnected teams

The Disconnected Dilemma

These “disconnected” problems result in two undesirable alternatives. You’ll find that to effectively manage incidents, either:

  1. Incident Coordinators must do more work marshalling resources, coordinating communications, and understanding how a recovery is progressing.


  1. Your responders get bogged down identifying tasks to perform, confirming tasks, and communicating back updates, rather than taking action.

Facing the Dilemma

The good news is that this dilemma is often self- inflicted and these impediments can easily be addressed by:

  • Ensuring seamless, information-rich two-way communications 
  • Offerings up-to-the minute visibility into prioritized tasks
  • Having an easier way to update coordinators on task progress 

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