I have the utmost respect and admiration for anyone starting a business. I wish it was me. My friend runs his own collectible records business and puts in many hours growing and protecting it from the environmental forces that work against him. ie regulation, business rates, pilfering etc.

So looking at the wider context of medium-sized enterprises, I was surprised by the Little Book of IT, which said spending  growth in IT security is set to fall, whilst the compliance onus on business is increasing. 

This suggests businesses are extremely relaxed or dangerously unaware of the changing and growing responsibilities and liabilities around compliance and in particular data compliance.

I find this staggering given how hard entrepreneurs work to build their business often at the expense of many things outside of work life. It would be a shame to throw it all away for the sake of one oversight.

We can all be passionate about our of choice of music and if you love vinyl records you'll appreciate their unique sound but they are fragile. One scratch and their collectable value is lost. A useful metaphor!

The article in Real Business sets out the issue in full which you may find useful to read.

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