Years ago there used to be a TV series called Tales of the Unexpected. The end of show usually culminated in an final unexpected twist. One show I recall is where the villain kept a secret basement that was completely sound proofed and was awaiting his next victim to entrap. Unfortunately he fell in and with no way out his fete was sealed.

When it comes to disaster recovery, some organizations set themselves up for a fall that is completely predictable - but also avoidable.  The link to this site gives a classic example of one business whose production IT went down and failed-over to the recovery site which became the production site for about a year. I'm sure you know what happened next? 

Other examples that I know about include:

  •  The head office water feature that was situated on the floor above the data center
  •  The data centre next to a gas storage facility
  •  The data centre housed in a basement next to a tidal river
  •  The data centre in basement of airport that flooded
  •  The hospital with a single power and comms feed
  •  A national critical infrastructure facility protected by a security service whose workplace DR plan is based solely on working from home

I've come to a conclusion that basements generally speaking aren't a good thing!

No doubt you have your own anecdotes that you can share here at Computer World but you can be certain that if you leave a risk unchecked it will come back to bite and savage you which is why we have been running our Tame the (IT) Bear campaign to help you tame your IT and risks.