It’s that time of year again: The start of the holiday shopping season kicked off by the infamous Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.  

For the retail industry, this creates great opportunities for increased sales, store traffic and consumer engagement, yet it also brings on the increased likelihood of the following three threats:

  1. Cyber Hacks
  2. Vandalism Attacks
  3. Theft Acts  

 Are You Prepared? 

While cyber security, vandalism and theft are risks retailers can face any day, participating in Black Friday and Cyber Monday can increase your likelihood of being impacted.

In the few days before Black Friday 2017, here are steps you can take to prepare:

  • Create a business continuity plan, even if it is just the start of defining processes and procedures
  • Train and conduct test scenarios with your employees so they are prepared to carry out your plans
  • Increase your security by investing in effective equipment or personnel
  • Find helpful systems and software to help ensure you’ve prepared and can proactively manage a potential event
  • Keep planning and preparing beyond Black Friday--your incident management efforts are never complete