In recent years, the amount of data available has grown exponentially due to the evolution of the internet and growing advances in technology.  This phenomenon has resulted in an increased sharing of information and has presented great opportunities for businesses as they look to develop new ways to store, access, process and analyze it to gain a competitive edge.

While the increased access to data has been revolutionizing business operations across all industries, it’s also brings many challenges.

Top Business Continuity Data Challenges

Allocating Resources

Your team is already spread thin dealing with building plans, creating emergency notifications and conducting test scenarios that managing the added step of integrating and maintaining data can seem overwhelming.

Human Error

Pair an already overworked employee with the unavoidable potential for human error—whether intentional or unintentional— and you’ll find your organization facing several other challenges. 

Duplicative & Dated Records 

Increased amounts of data also increase the likelihood of hosting irrelevant information such as out-of-date employee phone numbers and vendor lists. 


Your data is only as powerful as the tools and systems that you use to generate helpful business outcomes. Finding applications that meet your unique organization needs isn’t always easy.


Increasing security breaches such as cyber-attacks are targeting major organizations and causing major reputational and operational issues.  

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